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domyessay.biz free review

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domyessay.biz free review and discounts


Essay writing site with pleasant design and 24\7 support. This company messed up my paper as their writer used the wrong topic. We had a long dispute, I paid a small amount for urgency and the writer fixed the paper in a hurry. This sort of mistake would have cost me a grade, so I’m looking for a reliable service now.
I had to complete a number of assignments during a week, and as I was out of time to write them on my own, I had no choice but hire a writing service. This website which I found in Bing has a pleasant design and is very specific describing what exactly they will do for you and how much it will cost. Its design is colored but not annoying; moreover, they provided 24/7 support which was crucial for me as those assignments were urgent.

Price policy

I needed them to write 2 microeconomic assignments, 3 pages each. They offer 20% discount for the first assignment, so, including this I paid $142 to get my essays done in 2 days. The prices are ok when you use a discount code; however, without it they may be high for someone. The order form was quite short and convenient to use.

Site support

As soon as I placed an order, I called the site support to confirm that my assignments will be done on time. I made a phone call, but nobody answered. Then, I messaged them in chat and there support rep confirmed that everything will be done timely and in accordance with my requests. He could be more polite, but as I had my questions answered, I had nothing to complain about.

Order details

My assignments contained graphs, answering the questions and short math, so I definitely needed a writer specializing in Economics. I also sent the writer a proposed topic of my second assignment. The writer didn’t communicate with me during the writing process, and it had bad consequences for me. Two days later, when the both papers were delivered to me, I noticed that one of them was written on completely different topic than I proposed.


I called the support to resolve the issue as I had to pass both papers in six hours and the writer refused to rewrite everything for free. To cut the long story short, we had a long dispute, I paid a small amount for urgency and the writer fixed the paper in a hurry. Though the first essay was ok, the sort of mistake they made when missed my message would have cost me a grade. So I’m looking for another worthy service now.

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domyessay.biz free review

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